Rideshares: Don’t Forget to Buckle Up

Access to rideshares makes transportation much simpler, especially if you’re traveling or are concerned about safety. For example, if you’re planning a night on the town and will be drinking alcohol, using a rideshare service should keep you, and those on the road with you, safer. However, not buckling up will increase your risk of harm, serious injury and death.

Drivers Vs. Riders

Research shows that 90% of drivers buckle up when behind the wheel. However, riders using rideshare services tend to only buckle up about 70% of the time. This difference may have contributed to a recent increase traffic fatalities.

Those who do not buckle up may do so because they perceive the back seat as safer than the front or feel that they don’t need to buckle up for a short ride. Evidence shows that using seat belts greatly reduces the chance of injury or death in a collision, whether you are riding in the front or rear seat.

Benefits of Seat Belt Use Remain Strong

Indications of the benefits of seat belt use include 15,000 lives saved each year. Seat belt use among drivers has risen from 70% in the early 2000’s to more than 90% in the 2020’s.

Safety technology inside vehicles continues to improve. However, if you’re not belted in the back seat and your rideshare driver is involved in an accident, the airbag deployment can turn into you getting bounced around, both by the impact and by the airbags. If you’re not stable, airbag deployment becomes dangerous.

Convenience is a Factor

Of course, when you’re in a rideshare vehicle you may struggle to find the seatbelt location. If you’re dressed up for a night on the town, crushing your outfit with a seatbelt may not be your first choice.

You may need to ask your driver where the seatbelt is or where the buckle is. You will likely slow down your transportation process by taking the time to buckle up. However, you will be protecting your safety and your life by taking the time to secure your spot in the back seat.

Take the Time

You may struggle to get settled into the back seat because you’re taller than average, or too leggy for the car. Take the time to ask that the front passenger’s seat be moved forward. Take the time to get squared up in the seat so you can find your seat belt buckle.

If you must, ask the rideshare driver to stop and help you find the catch. The necessary seat belt catch may have been pushed down into the seat cushions. It may be behind your coat or tucked behind a garment. Your safety, especially in the back seat, is key.


When we think about safety and rideshare apps we often think about assaults and robberies. These things can happen, and you should take precautions to keep yourself safe, such as sharing your trip with a friend or relative. Too often, we forget about some of the simplest ways to keep ourselves safe when using a rideshare. Accidents do happen, whether due to carelessness of your driver or others on the road. Seatbelts have proven over and over their ability to save lives. Buckling up should always be your first priority when riding in any car.