San Diego Police Scan for Seatbelts Following 2021’s Click It Or Ticket Campaign

Seatbelts may feel slightly uncomfortable, but they’re the best defense against severe crash injuries. As more cities like San Diego reopen, police want to ensure drivers remember to strap on their seatbelt before hitting the road.

To help raise awareness of seatbelt safety, San Diego’s Police Department took part in the national “Click It Or Ticket” campaign. Sponsored by the NHTSA, “Click It Or Ticket” highlights the grave consequences of not wearing a seatbelt. Although “Click It Or Ticket” formally runs from May 17 till June 6, San Diego will continue fining residents caught without a seatbelt on.

Any adult who’s not wearing a seatbelt could face a $162 fine in San Diego. This fine goes up to $490 if there’s a child in your vehicle who’s not adequately secured.

One reason police are so keen on 2021’s seatbelt standards has to do with a rise in reckless driving habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though fewer cars were on the road in 2020, California officers responded to more fatal crashes. Apparently, more drivers felt confident about speeding and not wearing seatbelts on California’s relatively empty highways. According to Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, hundreds of people are injured in cities throughout California on a daily basis.

According to the CDC, drivers who wear seatbelts have a 45 percent lower risk of dying in a crash versus those who don’t wear them. The CDC also notes that over 50 percent of people killed in car crashes weren’t wearing seatbelts.

San Diegans could visit the government’s official portal for more information on seatbelt safety. The NHTSA also put together a post on the “Click It Or Ticket” campaign on its website.


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