San Diego Police Scan for Seatbelts Following 2021’s Click It Or Ticket Campaign

Seatbelts may feel slightly uncomfortable, but they’re the best defense against severe crash injuries. As more cities like San Diego reopen, police want to ensure drivers remember to strap on their seatbelt before hitting the road. To help raise awareness of seatbelt safety, San Diego’s Police Department took part in the national “Click It Or Ticket” campaign. Sponsored by the

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An Overview of Kentucky Seat Belt Laws

There is no question that there is very strong evidence between the safety of drivers and passengers of motor vehicles and seat belt laws.  As per Kentucky law, drivers and all passengers who occupy motor vehicles that were manufactured after 1965 are required to wear an appropriately adjusted and fastened seat belt on any roadway in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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Quick Stats: States with the Most Street Racers

Street racing isn’t only seen in movies. It happens every hour of every day in just about every state in the country.  Racing on a public roadway isn’t only unsafe though. It’s also legally risky. It’s illegal in all 50 states, but that doesn’t deter drivers, especially when there is considerably less traffic on roadways because of COVID-19. Drag Racing

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Utah Agencies Unite in New Campaign Focused on Distracted and Aggressive Driving Accidents

At the beginning of every year, the U.S. Department of Transportation releases nationwide statistics for traffic-related incidents both nationwide and for each state. This includes statistics on traffic crashes, accidents, fatalities, reported injuries and their causes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that after showing an increase in traffic deaths nationwide for 2 1/2 years, 2017 showed a decrease

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